Sarah Marie Flint

I Love Sarah (index page)


I Have made this site for the love of my life, Sarah Marie Flint.

We first made contact on the 14th of february 2008..
started off as friends, soon increased in a couple of weeks to a month for me as a crush, and as my best friend, I left it as best friend, until the 28 or 17th of june..
we both realised we had the same feelings for eachother.. but didnt start fully going out until June the 30th..
from there on my life has changed in so many different ways..
I literally cant live without Sarah in my life.
before I ever mentioned my deepest feelings, I knew I couldnt live without her, so never took that chance of telling her, and spoiling our perfect friendship.

we have been going out fully for 6 months + now..
but very first met on the 14th of December 2008..

my love has grown day by day, night by night, minute by minute, second by second and hour by hour..
its forever growing and forever painful in the distance..
but the love is so strong I get so much pleasure from talking to her about anything..
this long distance is nothing..
but frustrating..
this takes a whole new level of understanding of love to endure..
thankfully we both have the same dreams and wants in life..
and love each other just as much.

there are hard times and easy times, fun times, sad times..
like any relationship.
difference is, we will go through anything to be together!

I will work as hard as i can, and do what it takes to be with my love forever.
doesnt matter how long it has to be through msn for, or calling, and how little time in person we get..
it just makes every second more cherishable.

I love you Sarah, with all my heart and soul!!
I have made this site entirely for you, to show you my love or try to.

this has been incredibly frustrating in doing, cos the damn site sucks :@
and keeps locking me out.
but either way, i had to do it :)

I just hope you like what ive done :)
Im not sure how im gonna top next years valentines day..
but im sure Ill think of somthing.

so happy valentines day my love.
I love you with all my heart and am missing you as always.
and can never get you off my mind.